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Ukraine Introduces Textured Amaranth Protein

Ukraine has unveiled textured amaranth protein, signaling a significant step in sustainable nutrition.

With a protein content of 28.6%, fiber at 3.4%, and minimal fat at 0.5%, this new product is set to impact the landscape of plant-based foods.

Textured amaranth

Source: Olexandr Duda - Textured Amaranth

Textured amaranth protein shows promise not only in plant-based meat alternatives but also in applications such as breading, gluten-free pasta, and textured amaranth flour.

Olexandr Duda, President of the Ukrainian Amaranth company says historocally consumed as whole seeds, this marks the first time amaranth is available in a textured format.

'We are considering it as a great ingredient for plant-based meat. Everyone who tasted the textured amaranth protein gave positive feedback', says Olexandr Duda.

Categorised as a “pseudocereal,” amaranth shares its classification with quinoa and buckwheat, all part of the Amaranthaceae family. Its gluten-free attribute has made amaranth flour a popular choice for gluten-sensitive baking.

Incorporating textured amaranth into both sweet and savory dishes is a simple process, requiring a simmering technique similar to that of cooking grains such as rice and oats. The small size of the seed, just slightly larger than a poppy seed, adds to its culinary adaptability.

Amaranth bushes

Source: PFN -Amaranth bushes

The positive reception from those who have sampled the product underscores its potential. The creators of this textured protein offering are actively seeking partnerships to further expand its applications and reach.

As amaranth evolves from its traditional whole-seed form, its textured variant ushers in a new era of nutrition innovation, solidifying its role as a pioneering ingredient in the realm of wholesome, environmentally-conscious foods.



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