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TiNDLE Foods Expands Into US Tasting Success with DiCaprio and F1’s Hamilton

In exciting news, Singaporean based plant-based product company, TiNDLE Foods, has gone P1 with a new and high profile US outlet. Their delicious offerings are now featured at two prominent establishments supported by acclaimed actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

Neat Burger, a popular burger chain backed by DiCaprio and Hamilton, is now serving TiNDLE Foods, making eco-friendly dining choices more accessible.

TiNDLE Chicken product Burger Sandwich

Source: TiNDLE

Meanwhile, Byron Restaurants, a UK burger chain in has introduced TiNDLE burgers, tenders, and wings to its menu offering.

Not with standing, TiNDLE Foods has found its way into academia, gracing the University of Westminster’s school canteen menus. With offerings like TiNDLE Katsu Curry and TiNDLE Nuggets in a ‘K-Pop Chicken Dish,’ students now have convenient plant-based options. This supports a global push by universities to move away from 'old world ' animal proteins, more towards 'eco-meaningful' plant-based food.

Source: TiNDLe

The UK also gets a taste of TiNDLE’s innovation, with a crispy TiNDLE Kyiv stuffed with plant-based goodness just hitting the shelves at Morrisons.

Apart from their US food service collaborations, TiNDLE Foods has also launched of a savory Breakfast Sausage, marking their first domestically-produced product in the US. Collaborating with Just Egg, the soy protein sausage is paired with their folded mung bean egg, already on the menus of select eateries.

TiNDLE Chicken product

Source: TiNDLe

With plans to expand their retail availability in the US, including their flagship product TiNDLE Chicken, the company is continually enhancing their product lineup to win more market share.

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