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Time To Change The Brine: Earth Day Everyday

I really don't expect many people to read this Editor's piece. Why should you? Life's OK for those who have enough food on their table tonight. The movers and shakers kicking up the tech dust in the 'New Food" sector even have enough, thanks to investor or VC capital, at least until the next round. But lets face it Planet Earth with the Humans aboard are in a bit of a pickle right now.

Source: PFN EFT Art

But let me just shine the light on 'International Elephant In The Room Day', which by the way there actually IS an International Elephant Day. It is celebrated on August 12th every year to raise awareness about the threats elephants face and to promote the conservation of these magnificent animals. So back to on the the Official Earth day each year, April 22nd.

Why is the very object needed for Humans to exist relegated to 'just another list of days' .

This is how absurd this UN inspired 'DAY' thing has become.

Are you sitting down? There is even an International Condom Day. It is celebrated every year on February 13th, just a day before Valentine's Day. The day is to promote safer sex and raise awareness about the importance of using condoms in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. Pickles, Pizzas and Poetry are all covered. The question remains though. WHY is Planet Earth recognised on 'just another day'?

Here's why I reckon Earth Day should be everyday. accompanied by a small but highly charged list of reasons why:

  1. Habitability: Earth is the only known planet in the universe supporting physical life as we know it. The planet's environment, with its appropriate temperature, gravity, atmospheric composition, and water availability, has enabled the evolution and sustenance of life, including human life, for millennia.

  2. Natural Resources: The Earth provides us with essential natural resources that we depend on for our survival and well-being. These include clean air, water, food, timber, and minerals that are used in building materials, electronics, and other products. Humans rely on these resources for our survival and to maintain our quality of life.

  3. Biodiversity: Earth is home to an incredible diversity of living organisms, including plants, animals, and microorganisms. This biodiversity is essential for ecosystem functioning, including nutrient cycling, pollination, and pest control. Humans depend on these systems for agriculture, medicine, and other aspects of our lives.

  4. Climate Regulation: Earth's climate system regulates temperature, weather patterns, and the distribution of water, which are critical factors for the survival and well-being of all living organisms, including humans. The Earth's climate system is influenced by natural factors such as solar radiation and volcanic activity, as well as human activities such as greenhouse gas emissions.

  5. Aesthetic and Recreational Value: The Earth's natural beauty and recreational opportunities, such as hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing (Eds Note: Or sitting under an ancient walnut tree) are important for Human mental and physical health and well-being. These aspects of nature also provide inspiration and enjoyment for people, enriching our lives in many ways.

So tell me if I am missing something here? Why oh, why has our beautiful home, Planet Earth (anagram for HEART btw ) been relegated to join the Pizzas, Pickles, Poetry, Elephants AND Condom Days, when indeed she is the very reason we are having this experience called Human Life? Without her WE would NOT be here. Isn't that a good enough reason?

Let's take a moment to examine how this day came about in line with International Pizza, Pickle and yes even an International Pie Day (although down under - Australia and New Zealand its called Poi Day)

The original initiative for Global Earth Day was started in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, who was concerned about the environmental impact of industrial development. In the 1960s, there was growing concern about the impact of human activities on the environment, including pollution, deforestation, and the use of fossil fuels. Senator Nelson recognised the need to raise public awareness about these issues and proposed the idea of an international day to focus on the environment.

Alas, Senator Gaylord Nelson died in 2005 at Source: PFN EFT Art the age of 89 but thankfully even though its just 1 day out of 365, his legacy lives on.

Concluding now. Do you agree Planet Earth is a unique and irreplaceable celestial body that 100% provides Humans with the resources and conditions necessary for survival and well-being?

Don't you feel, Humans have a responsibility to protect and care for the planet EVERY DAY ?

YES or NO ? Or should we just create another day - International Earth Is In A Pickle Day.

Leave comments and subscribe and by-all-means don't hesitate to throw another plant-based shrimp on the barbie and don't forget to change the 'pickle brine' while you are at it.






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