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Pastazerts Mixes Up Dessert Game with Chocolate Ravioli..Yes You Read Right!

What do you get when you combine pasta and dessert? US based Pastazerts, of course! Born from a single recipe idea for a cooking competition in Las Vegas, Pastazerts has turned the dessert world on its head with their unique chocolate ravioli and fettuccine.

Pastasertz Chocolate Ravioli

Source: Pastazerts Chocolate Ravioli

Pastasertz Founders

Co-founders Stephanie Berwick and Joel Rumpf, (shown left) a dynamic husband-and-wife team from Rockaway Beach, NYC, have taken their innovative treat from competition glory to frozen aisle fame.

Pastazerts started in the World Food Championships with a theme of pasta, and the couple leveraged a unique dessert experience they had in Italy to create chocolate ravioli. Over time, they've perfected and expanded their flavours, including strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter and jelly, fig, peppermint, and piña colada.

Chef Joel, with over 30 years of culinary experience, and Stephanie, with a background in business, dreamed up Pastazerts to provide a special treat for dessert lovers. Launched in August 2023, the company offers chocolate ravioli in a frozen format, ideal for a quick and luxurious dessert at home.

Source: Pastazerts Slider showing the full range

“We’re trying to be something different on the shelf of traditional desserts,” Stephanie is reported as saying. And different they are, with plans to expand production and develop even more innovative flavours.

The couple is currently crowdfunding to ramp up operations, aiming to bring Pastazerts to larger retailers and even the travel industry.

So, if you're stateside and in the mood for something sweet and totally unconventional, keep an eye out for Pastazerts, where pasta meets dessert in the most delicious way!

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