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Otis Oat Milk Just Weeks Away From Its NZ Production Start Date

Auckland, NZ based, Otis Oat Milk, is on the brink of a significant milestone. as its collaboration with Free-flow Manufacturing is nearing completion, paving the way for the first batch of New Zealand-produced Otis Oat Milk.

Otis Oat-milk

Source: Otis Oat-Milk

Scheduled to go live early next year, the production facility will face minor delays due to the holiday season as German and Swedish technicians, essential to the commissioning of the plant, head back to Europe to spend Christmas will families. They will arrive back in New Zealand in mid-January, post their festive family time.

Free-flow Manufacturing, along with the European installation team, has had a tight commissioning schedule. Since the last update in April, significant strides have been made with the hydrolysis plant, a critical component in oat milk production, was designed, constructed, and approved in Germany now installed.

Otis Oat Milk NZ installation

Source: Otis Oat-Milk

Otis Oat-Milk says in a release, September marked a milestone when the first container loads of equipment arrived in Auckland. This arrival wasn't just about equipment; it symbolised the physical manifestation of innovative technology and the impending reality of locally produced oat milk. The team has worked hard to prepare the site, laying concrete and erecting a new roof to accommodate the brewing and packaging lines.

The next phase focuses on installing the Tetra Pak packaging line and the aseptic steriliser, due to arrive in the new year. These installations mark the final steps in completing the production line.

The company adds, pivotal moment in this journey occurred in September when the Otis team, along with Free-flow and Swedish experts, visited Tetra Pak's headquarters in Singapore. This visit was not just a formality but a critical step in ensuring the quality of the product. There, they conducted product trials, tested the updated Otis recipe, and finalised the white-label oat milk product for other brands produced by Free-flow.

'As we eagerly anticipate the launch and we are very grateful for the patience of our customers,' says the company.

This initiative is more than just a business expansion; it's a testament to innovation, international collaboration, and a shared passion for sustainable, plant-based alternatives originating from New Zealand.

For more information CLICK HERE for Otis Oat Milk and for Free-Flow Manufacturing CLICK HERE



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