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Omnivore's Dog Inspires Vegan Pork Pie Maker To Go The Whole Hog

It might be a long story but some how JAMPA the dog inspired Englishman Richard Fox (Foxy) to develop and produce his favourite fare from his Omnivore days in vegan form and he's done a pretty good job. It wouldn't be the first time an animal has provided both inspiration and motivation to make a pie icon vegan friendly.

So was born the Vegan PORK PIE now being sold in the UK under the JAMPA brand - taking its name from the Tibetan word for ‘loving kindness’ - the name of Foxy's Tibetan Terrier - Jampa.

Source: Vegan pork pies left & right & Jampa the Tibetan Terrier centre

Now the business end of this delightful launch story.

It has taken two years of extensive consumer taste testing, where the overwhelming feedback from current and former meat eaters, as well as flexitarians, is “like a pork pie, but better.”

Industry recognition for Jampa’s Pork Pies came after winning the ‘Best Product’ accolade in the Dragon’s Pantry competition at the inaugural World Plant-Based Expo. Since then the phone has rung off the hook for founder Foxy, who used the 'lock-down' time to perfect the 'dog inspired' vegan pork pie product.


“I didn’t give up meat because I don’t like the taste of it, as a former meat eater, perfecting vegan alternatives has been a passion of mine for some time. It was important the end result had the appearance, texture and most importantly, taste, of an actual pork pie. My mission was to give committed meat eaters, flexitarians and vegans everywhere the ultimate meaty experience - without actually eating meat", says Foxy.

Source: - Richard Fox aka Foxy and his award winning vegan pies

Jampa’s 100% plant-based Porky Pies have zero cholesterol and around 70% less carbon emissions than a traditional porcine meat pork pie of the same size. As a passionate foodie, Foxy remains committed to natural, quality ingredients since his plant-based epiphany. As such all Jampa’s products are completely free from artificial additives and additives

“While this started out as passion project, I was bowled over by the positive feedback and the encouragement I received towards launching in the retail market. I wanted Porky Pies to retain their artisan status and as a chef, I flatly refused to create anything that wasn’t entirely natural or that would require ultra-processing. After careful development, I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved that goal", says Foxy.

Foxy has his sights set high as he Jampa inspired vegan mushroom and chicken pie along with other icon British pies.

You know what they say about owners bearing an uncanny resemblance their dogs? A pure blessing there is indeed a great deal of passionate 'loving kindness' existing between Jampa the dog and JAMPA the pork pie brand.

For more information contact JAMPAS UK.



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