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NZ’s ANDFOODS Unveils Sustainable Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Emerging from the lush, green pastures of New Zealand, is a new player in the plant-based dairy sector - ANDFOODS.

With information gleaned from their website and social postings we can reveal this innovative startup is on a mission to become a major player in the global food industry revolution by combining the nutritional power of pulses with cutting-edge food science, without compromising on the taste and texture that consumers love.

The outcome; plant-based dairy products looking and tasting like their old world cousins.

ANDFOODS plant-based cream

Source: ANDFOODS -plant-based cream created from novel pulse based ingredients

Founded by a dynamic team of food scientists and industry experts, including Arup Nag, Alejandra Acevedo-Fani, Yiran Wang, Debashree Roy, Harjinder Singh, and Alex Devereux, ANDFOODS is developing new standards for sustainable, plant-based foods.

The company draws on years of research conducted in partnership with the prestigious Palmerston North based, Riddet Institute, aiming to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable global food system.

CEO Alex Devereux, who transitioned from a successful career at Fonterra to technology and investment roles, has always been passionate about making a meaningful impact in the food industry. At ANDFOODS, Alex leverages his diverse experience to lead the development of sustainable, plant-based dairy alternatives. Under his leadership, the company is working closely with some of New Zealand's top food scientists to utilise pulse crops in novel ways.

Source:ANDFOODS Icecream made from their novel ingredient.

The team's efforts are supported by Leon Clement, Chairman of the Board of Directors. With his rich background in leading dairy businesses in Asia and New Zealand, including roles as Managing Director of Fonterra Brands New Zealand and CEO of Synlait, Clement provides invaluable insight and guidance to ANDFOODS. His involvement symbolises the blending of New Zealand's traditional dairy expertise with the future of food sustainability.

Heading the R&D team, Senior Food Scientist Alejandra Acevedo-Fani utilises her expertise in food technology and her culinary skills as a Patisserie Chef to enhance the appeal of ANDFOODS' products. Her innovative approach to food formulation is instrumental in creating plant-based ingredients that excel in bakery, dessert, and pastry applications, demonstrating the practical and delicious applications of the company's products.

ANDFOODS presence represents a significant leap forward for the plant-based food industry in New Zealand and globally. By harnessing the power of pulses and leveraging the country's deep roots in dairy science, the company is setting itself up to make a lasting impact on the food industry, offering consumers delicious, sustainable alternatives that respect the planet.

With its visionary team and groundbreaking technology, ANDFOODS joins the green revolution wave rapidly transforming New Zealand's food landscape.

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