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Nutreco Opens Swiss Phytotechnology Innovation Hub “Garden of the Future”

In a strategic move towards harnessing the untapped potential of the plant kingdom, Dutch food and feed processor, Nutreco, has unveiled a phytotechnology innovation hub, the Garden of the Future.

The new facility is located in Thurgau, Switzerland, in an zone affectionately dubbed 'Phyto Valley' due to the dense concentration of phyto-pharmaceutical companies, startups, and laboratories.

Source: PFN Ai based on story facts in the abscence of image availability from Nutreco

The facility will showcase Nutreco's commitment to revolutionising the agricultural and aquacultural landscapes. "What we do here is a gamechanger. We are copying no one. We are creating a new frontier – a new reality; it’s not theory, it’s happening now," says CEO David Blakemore, emphasising the transformative nature of the project.

The Garden of the Future spans a comprehensive setup with a 500-square-meter experimental greenhouse dedicated to plant breeding and propagation, a massive 5,000-square-meter vegetative mass propagation greenhouse, and approximately 30 hectares of active cultivation space. Additionally, the facility boasts a Future Garden, a visual and educational spectacle displaying the novel plant varieties being developed on-site.

Central to the operation are two innovative machine-learning algorithms developed by Nutreco. One algorithm identifies plant species with the potential to address complex market challenges, while the other ensures these plants can be cultivated on a scale sufficient to meet global demands. This blend of advanced technology and natural science is set to impact both aquaculture and land-based animal production sectors, under Nutreco’s Skretting and Trouw Nutrition brands.

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With the opening of the Garden of the Future, Nutreco is not only reinforces its leadership in sustainable innovation but also aligns with global efforts to create more Earth Friendly and efficient food production systems.

As the world continues to grapple with the demands of a growing population and the stresses of Earth change, nation state initiatives like these are more vital than ever.

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