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NOT MEAT Co Transforming Aussie Plant-Based Market with Remarkable Taste, Texture & Visual Appeal

The Australian-based NOT MEAT Co is making remarkable strides in the country's plant-based food sector with its innovative new meat offerings.

Boasting an array of four shelf-stable variations – chicken, beef, duck, and seafood – this young company is reshaping perceptions and palates across the nation. The recent release of their seafood variant, crafted from Konjac flour, garnered immense popularity, leading to a sellout soon after launch.

NOT Meat Co range

Source:NOT Meat Co

The company's commitment to replicating taste and texture of real meat is a testament to their dedication to providing really attractive eating options for both vegans, flexitarians and meat-eaters alike. By harnessing the versatility of soy-based ingredients for their chicken, beef, and duck offerings, NOT MEAT Co has managed to create products exactly mimicking flavours and mouthfeel of 'old world' animal meat..

A major milestone in NOT MEAT Co's journey has been the nationwide delivery of their products. This accessibility has enabled consumers from all corners of Australia to experience their offerings, contributing to the ongoing shift towards sustainable and ethical food choices.

Source: NOT Meat Co

Furthermore, the company's strategic move to provide free samples to the food service industry has garnered attention, allowing chefs and businesses to explore creative culinary possibilities with their products. This initiative also aligns with the evolving demands of health-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers. Their line-up of brilliantly curated food images pays testament to the old adage that 'a picture tells a thousand words' - really nice.

NOT Meat Co graphic

Source: NOT Meat Co

The company's social media presence reflects the positive reception of their products.

Social comments from users like "filthyvegainzandnotmeatco" underscore the excitement around NOT MEAT Co's offerings.

Filthyvegainz braised NOT Co beef idea

Source: filthyvegainz Instagram

'Game Changing, no fridge needed mock meat! Come at me NOT-beef, broccoli & rice! 🥦🍚🥩 #vegainz#vegainz

The convenience of their foil pouch packaging and the absence of a refrigeration requirement have particularly resonated with consumers, making their products suitable for various scenarios, including camping and pantry storage.

With their commitment to providing plant-based alternatives capturing the essence of meat-based dishes but not, NOT MEAT Co is undoubtedly a game-changer in Australia's food landscape.

As positive reviews continue to emerge and momentum is maintained for their entire range of NOT MEAT products, the company's influence can only but grow, helping to reshape Aussie plant-based culinary experiences one bite at a time.

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