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New IKEA Plant-Based Hot Dogs Sizzle Across Sydney

IKEA Australia is titalating taste buds with the launch of its brand new plant-based hot dogs, available nationwide for just $2. This sustainable twist on the beloved IKEA classic is a game-changer for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

For over four decades, IKEA hot dogs have been a much-loved essential part of a trip to an IKEA store. In a more sustainable twist, IKEA Australia welcomes the long-awaited plant-based version.

Source: IKEA - The plant-based $2 hot-dog

To celebrate, the IKEA Plant Dog Truck is touring various Sydney locations, giving away free Plant Dogs. IKEA Family Members can savour a complimentary plant-based hot dog or serving of plant-based meatballs at Sydney IKEA's Tempe and Marsden Park , and popular spots like Bondi Beach and Paramatta.

Source: The IKEA plant-based hot-dog truck

“With our new plant-based version of the famous IKEA hot dog, we’ve created a delicious alternative while continuing our commitment to reduce our climate footprint," says Tim Prevade, IKEA Australia Food Manager. “We’re helping to introduce more plant-based eating to Australians by making these healthy and sustainable products accessible and affordable, inspiring our customers to make a choice that is better for the planet."

The new Plant Dog is made from rice protein, enriched with carrot, onion, and apple, offering a smoky, satisfying taste with the classic ‘snap’ of a traditional hot dog. This launch is part of IKEA's broader commitment to make 50% of its restaurant meals plant-based by 2025, aiming to offer healthier, affordable, and sustainable options.

The rollout of the plant-based hot dog supports IKEA's ongoing efforts to innovate within its food offerings and make sustainable and healthy options more accessible, appealing, and affordable. The plant-based hot dog is available from the IKEA Bistro in all ten stores across Australia.



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