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The Hottest Chilli Ever As Pepper X Blazes Past Records With Firestorm Heat!

In the scorching world of hot peppers, Ed Currie, renowned South Carolina hot pepper expert, has set tongues ablaze once again. The creator of the famed Carolina Reaper, a pepper hotter than police pepper spray, has outdone himself.

Introducing Pepper X, a pepper that's not just hotter—it's a scorching three times more fiery than its predecessor.

The Pepper X Chilli

Source: The unassuming Pepper X

The Guinness Book of World Records officially crowned Pepper X as the planet's hottest pepper on October 9th, marking a breakthrough in Currie's relentless pursuit of creating a pepper that delivers an "immediate, brutal heat."

Pepper X's heat, measured in Scoville Heat Units, averages a staggering 2.69 million units, leaving the Carolina Reaper in its fiery wake at 1.64 million units.

The Carolina Reaper

Pepper X's journey began after Currie's previous record with the Carolina Reaper in 2013. Combining a Carolina Reaper with a mysteriously classified "pepper from Michigan," Currie aimed to craft an exceptionally hot pepper infused with sweetness.

While its greenish-yellow appearance lacks the visual appeal of its red predecessor, Pepper X leaves taste buds ablaze with its earthy flavor and unparalleled heat.

The compound responsible for the scorching sensation in peppers, capsaicin, ignites a burning signal in the human body, triggering the release of endorphins and dopamine—a natural high for some.

Currie, passionate about the potential medicinal benefits of his peppers, shares them with researchers in hopes of aiding those suffering from chronic pain or discomfort.

Protecting his creation this time around, Currie plans to secure the future of Pepper X, ensuring his family, workers, and their families reap the rewards of his tireless work. With Pepper X making its mark, Currie's journey to conquer the fiery frontier is far from over, hinting at more blazing heat on the horizon.

As spicy food challenges grab headlines, Currie encourages caution and gradual tolerance-building, emphasising the transformative rush that follows the burn.

Keep fire extinguishers at the ready !!!

Footnote: When testing his new pepper Frank took some in but was immediately confined to floor incapacitated for more than hour as his body coped with extreme levels of capsaicin.

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