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Nestlé Unveils Dairy-Free Fermented Whey Powder in Collaboration with Orgain

In an major leap towards sustainable nutrition, Nestlé, in partnership with US based, Orgain, has launched a lactose-free fermented whey protein powder.

The limited edition product, known as ORGAIN Better Whey, is now available in the U.S. and represents a blend of science and sustainability.

Crafted at Nestlé's R&D Center for Health Science, ORGAIN Better Whey is formulated with a precision-fermented whey ingredient mirroring the nutritional profile of dairy based whey protein while being completely lactose-free. ORGAIN Better Whey not only caters to the nutritional needs of individuals but also aligns with Nestlé’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of dairy production.

Orgain Better Whey Powder

Source: Orgain

ORGAIN Better Whey boasts a rich creamy chocolate fudge flavour and offers 21g of sustainable protein per serving, along with a complete amino acid profile, including 5g of BCAAs and 1.5x more Leucine compared to traditional whey and no added sugar. It is not only hormone and antibiotic-free but also free from pesticides, animal ingredients, lactose, gluten, nuts, and soy, making it an inclusive option for a wide range of dietary preferences.

Chocolate Whey Powder Drink

Source: Public Domain - Chocolate Whey Powder Drink

Nestle highlights the environmental benefit of ORGAIN Better Whey with production requiring significantly less water, generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and consuming less energy compared to animal based whey protein.

The release of Nestlé's ORGAIN Better Whey introduces a critical shift towards sustainable, lactose-free alternatives, signaling a wake-up call for traditional dairy producers in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom to innovate or diversify in response to changing consumer demands and ensure their future relevance and sustainability in the evolving dairy market.

Nestlé's launch of ORGAIN Better Whey highlights the company's commitment to combining consumer health with environmental benefits, offering a high-quality protein contributing to a more sustainable food industry.

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