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Kirin's Electric Salt Spoon Zaps High Sodium Consumption

In an innovative and quirky move to tackle Japan's high salt intake, multi-faceted food company, Kirin Holdings , has launched the Electric Salt Spoon exclusively through its Health Science business. This limited edition spoon, designed to enhance the flavour of low-sodium foods, is available via Kirin's official online store, with additional units on the shelves at Hands Inc. stores.

Kirin's electric salt spoon

Source: Kirin - Electric Spoon

Developed in collaboration with Meiji University's Dr. Homei Miyashita Laboratory, the Electric Salt Spoon uses a mild electrical current to boost the salty and umami taste of food by approximately 1.5 times. This invention aims to address the critical issue of excessive salt intake prevalent among the Japanese population, where average daily consumption sits at a concerning 10.1 grams is twice the World Health Organization's recommended amount.

According to a Kirin survey, while many Japanese attempt to follow a low-sodium diet, about 80% find the taste of such foods unsatisfactory. The Electric Salt Spoon promises a more palatable solution, allowing consumers to enjoy their favourite dishes, such as ramen and miso soup, without the health risks associated with high salt levels.

Priced at 19,800 yen (USD122) and powered by a 3V lithium battery, the spoon is designed for daily use, integrating seamlessly into regular dining settings. It features adjustable intensity levels to cater to personal taste preferences, ensuring every meal is both healthy and delicious.

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