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Kellogg's Launches High-Protein Vegan Cereal, "Eat Your Mouth Off”

In response to the soaring demand for protein-rich foods, WK Kellogg Co. has announced its latest innovation in the cereal aisle – a vegan cereal named "Eat Your Mouth Off."

The high-protein vegan cereal targets the health-conscious consumer, especially Zillennials ( Millenials and GenZ), and offering a substantial 22 grams of plant-based protein per serving, with zero grams of sugar and a minimal 2 grams of net carbs.

Available in two appealing flavours, Fruity and Chocolate, "Eat Your Mouth Off" aims to revolutionise the breakfast experience.

Kellogg Eat Your Mouth Off

Source: WK Kellog

The Fruity flavour boasts toasted fruity puffs, while the Chocolate variant tempts with dark cocoa puffs. Both options promise a delightful taste without compromising nutritional value.

Sadie Garcia, the senior marketing director at Kellogg's, says the company is exciting by the new product.

'It's been a thrilling journey from concept to creation. Our goal was to craft a cereal that's not just nutritious but also injects fun into every meal', says Sadie Garcia.

'Eat Your Mouth Off' is designed for Zillennials seeking a brand reflecting their needs, wants and desires.

'It's a direct, unfiltered expression of our no-nonsense ethos, offering high protein without sacrificing taste', says Sadie Garcia.

Scheduled to hit the shelves of US retailers during the month of January, "Eat Your Mouth Off" cereal will retail starting at $8.99 for a 7.5-oz (213gms) box containing about five servings.

Kellogg's is confident this innovative, protein-packed cereal will meet the growing demand for healthier, plant-based breakfast options.

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