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You Will Be Surprised By The Top 10 Most Read News Stories of 2023

Just as we were when we examined our story analytics with a fine tooth comb and can reveal a 'more -than-interesting' 10-9-8...countdown to the top 10 most read news story for 2023.

We think you will be surprised - a sure indication this sector will be the most progressive in 2024, simply because the 'story narrative' IS a global game changer.

Top 10 news stores for 2023

Source: How AI Sees The Top 10 Reads For 2023

So here we go and coming in at Number 10 is a recent article which piqued the interest of those of you wanting an real insight into the 'going's-on' at the recent COP28 gathering in Dubai.

Number 10:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

The advent of 3D Printed plant-based and Bio-printed fish is drawing alot of attention. Some pundits are suggesting we will see major movements in 'alternative and life-like' fish proteins in 2024.

Number 9:

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An increased focus on Sri Lanka's agri-products sector is attracting long established non-agricultural businesses into the food business.

Number 8:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

Diversification away from the generational legacy coconut industry is revealing new and exciting coconut products. Watch the emergence of 'coconut protein' in 2024.

Number 7:

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Anything that will 'raise eyebrows' is likely to get public attention - evocative, truthful and plain obvious is attracting the public gaze.

Number 6:

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The emergence of traditional and indigenous fruit and vegetables will become de rigour in 2024.

Number 5:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

The Kiwi's are at it again with innovative and downright imaginative ways of up-cycling vegetables and this Cauliflower ice cream continues to take the tiny nation by storm!

Number 4:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

Anything 'trend related' is of real reading interest as companies try and second guess what the 'brand new very best' might be in food technology and the plant-based products sector.

Number 3:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

You have to hand it to Germany's Veganz coming in at Number 2 with the release of their 'printed milk'. Yes you heard right 'printed milk'!

Number 2:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

Out front by a 'country mile' as the most widely read news article from plant-food news for 2023. Drum roll please !!! Yes it's Magic Valley's dream coming true as its cultivated meat products edge their way way closer to our dining tables!

Number 1:

PFN 'Most Read' Countdown Graphic

As we close the chapter on a year packed with innovation and the continuous evolution of protein product development, it's evident 2023 was just a precursor to what promises to be an even more transformative year ahead.

Readers can look forward to 2024 to many more breakthroughs further challenging the boundaries of food technology. The ceaseless ingenuity in the industry suggests there is no slowing down in the quest for sustainable and ethical protein alternatives. From advancements in texture and taste to nutrition and accessibility, the coming year is poised to offer an array of novel plant-based, cultivated, and 3D printed meat products. But do keep an eye out for more seaweed algal based proteins.

These innovations aim not only to satisfy the human palate but also to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly and humane options.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the unfolding future of planetfood, where every new product has the potential to revolutionise not only what is served up to our dining tables but also our relationship with food itself, not to mention provide some solace for a planet needing urgent peace and respite.






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