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How Nutrition from Water™ is Redefining Protein Sources by Changing the Narrative

In a strategic move signaling more than just a change of name, New Zealand's NewFish is rebranding to Nutrition from Water™ (NXW), aiming to position itself at the forefront of consumers' minds as a leader in innovative, sustainable nutrition.

This shift comes at a pivotal time as the company not only changes its brand identity but also its narrative, focusing on creating a new category in the food industry prioritising planetary health.

Supported by endorsements from notable figures like Sail GP Kiwi helmsman and environmental advocate Pete Burling, NXW's rebranding is not just a surface-level change. It's a strategic pivot to influence consumer perception and elevate the importance of sustainable, water-derived proteins in their daily choices. By aligning with high-profile athletes and chefs, NXW leverages their visibility and credibility to amplify the message of sustainability and superior nutrition.

SailGP NZ Instagram Skipper Pete Burling

Source: SailGP NZ Instagram Skipper Pete Burling

NXW's founder, Alex Worker, articulates the vision of harnessing New Zealand's pristine aquatic resources to address global nutritional demands while preserving biodiversity. "The company's partnership with the Cawthron Institute underlines our commitment to non-extractive marine science, aiming to feed billions without harming the ecosystem," says Alex Worker.

NXW - Marine whey powder & energy bars

Source: NXW - Marine whey powder & energy bars

CEO Toby Lane says the rebranding is integral to building a global nutrition category. "The backing from major dairy and health companies and the support from culinary and sports professionals validate the potential of NXW's innovative approach", says Toby Lane.

As NXW introduces products like Marine Whey, it sets a new standard for taste and nutrition, projecting a future where nutrition is both impactful and sustainable.

The marketing 'tie-up' with one of New Zealand's most high profile international sports is a powerful strategic iniative.

SailGP NZ Instagram

With substantial backing from international biotechnology investors and a global operational footprint, NXW is ready to transform how consumers view and consume proteins, emphasising the critical role of innovative biotechnology in sustainable nutrition....and tightening up their narrative !!

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