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NZ's NewFish Massive Marine Whey Production Gearing-Up

New Zealand-based biotechnology company NewFish is pushing ahead with its sustainable food production plans, by scaling up its marine whey production using newly released depictions of massive bio-conducting devices.

This innovative approach, funded by Katapult Ocean, leverages cutting-edge micro-algae technology, setting a new standard in the global nutrition market.

NewFish is currently finalising a techno-economic model poised to revolutionise the protein industry. This development enables the company to supply over 200,000 metric tons of high-quality marine whey protein and specialised ingredients annually from multiple sites.

The company envisions establishing circular production facilities, integrating sustainability at every stage via a series of large bio-reactor units no-doubt positioned around the New Zealand coastline.

New Fish Ai Bioreactor depiction 1

Source: NewFish -An Ai depiction of a marine whey bioreactor.

Marine whey, a novel product from NewFish, is expected to complement traditional dairy whey. This initiative aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change, enhance ocean health, prevent biodiversity loss, and bolster food security.

The environmental impact of NewFish's annual production is substantial. The company projects a reduction of 7.3 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent, saving 553 million cubic meters of water, and preventing 9 million hectares of agricultural expansion and waterway impact.

New Fish Ai depiction of a marine whey bio-reactor

Source: NewFish -An Ai depiction of a land-based marine whey bioreactor.

Founded in 2020, NewFish is headquartered in New Zealand and is quickly becoming a global leader in proteinbiotech. By using microalgae, a known efficient and sustainable source, the company produces non-GMO, protein-rich nutrition and specialised food ingredients. These microalgae require significantly less water, land, and time compared to traditional protein sources, and emit a fraction of greenhouse gases.

The products of NewFish boast a complete amino acid profile, catering to sports and active lifestyles while promoting the sustainable use of ocean and water resources. This approach aligns with the principles of a circular ecosystem, ensuring economic growth without compromising environmental integrity.

NewFish proudly collaborates with New Zealand’s Cawthron Institute in Nelson and enjoys support from New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries' Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures fund. Together, they are exploring native microalgae strains and optimising their growth conditions to meet human nutrition needs, marking a new era in sustainable New Zealand food production.

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