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The skies over New York city have never seen anything like this.

In a spectacular display of commitment to a sustainable future, the group co-sponsored New York City's inaugural officially sanctioned drone show during the United Nations SDG Summit and New York City’s Climate Week.

A 1,000 drones soared above the East River, illuminating the night sky in a breathtaking multimedia light show. NY drone show

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Jim Amos, COO of Scout 22 Marketing & PR for innovative plant-based and sustainable brands, played a role in orchestrating this monumental event. Speaking of the collaboration, he emphasised the importance of promoting what-ever-way, a plant-based lifestyle. NY drone show

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'We worked with our client, sending a powerful message to the world: Eat Plants, Not Animals, Jim Amos says.

'The aim was to underscore the significant benefits of a plant-based diet, highlighting the health advantages and the positive impact on global hunger, the environment, animal welfare, and disease prevention'. NY drone show

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The platform of promotes an ideological call to arms for a shift towards plant-based eating and lifestyles. Medical and nutritional experts have long advocated the health advantages of consuming plant-based foods over meat and dairy. Research indicates such a diet can help lower the risk of diseases, reduce body weight, and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Watch the full and entire drone spectacular now!

Source: Eat Differently

Beyond personal health, a shift away from meat and dairy consumption is crucial to address global challenges. A staggering proportion of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and air pollution stem from animal farming. Moreover, factory farming and meat production are intrinsically tied to deforestation, wildlife decimation, and habitat disruption.

'The one-of-a-kind show served to inspire, educate, unify, and activate our local and global collective around eating plants, not animals; our global climate crisis; protecting the Amazon; and other important environmental campaigns', adds Jim Amos. NY drone show

Source: Scout 22 Marketing -

In addition, a plant-based lifestyle serves to address the alarming threat of pandemics. Factory farms are potential breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases, urging a reevaluation of our relationship with animals and our food systems., through this amazing drone show, has spotlighted these urgent concerns and offered a compelling call to transform our dietary choices for a healthier, more sustainable future.

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