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Dive Into THE KRAKEN, The World’s First Plant-Based Octopus Tentacle

In an extraordinary twist of culinary innovation, the food industry is witnessing the birth of an almost supernatural product - "THE KRAKEN - Plant-Based Octopus Tentacle", produced by Revo Foods.

Revo Foods Plant-Based Octopus

Source: Revo Foods Plant-Based Octopus

This plant-based marvel, fashioned to mimic the texture and taste of octopus, is stirring the pot in the alternative meat market. Crafted from mycoprotein, THE KRAKEN not only boasts a NutriScore of "A" but also ranks as the world’s first octopus substitute.

THE KRAKEN's creators have pulled off a feat that combines the bizarre with the brilliant. Its appearance is uncannily realistic, fooling even the keenest eyes, making it a prime candidate for both hot and cold culinary creations—a rarity in the realm of plant-based foods. This tentacled alternative is packed with protein, omega-3, and fibre, catering to the nutritional needs of those seeking sustainable diet options without compromising on taste or texture.

However, THE KRAKEN has also ruffled some feathers, particularly among the boomer generation, sparking a wave of skeptical and humorous comments on social media.

Critics question the necessity for such a product, juxtaposing their disdain with images of unappetising steaks or clichéd stock photos. Despite the mixed reactions, this polarising product is a bold step towards full-on innovation in food sustainability.

In other words the world does not need octopus farms!

Source: Revo Foods Plant-Based Octopus Recipe ideas in slide format.

Currently available as a limited edition to gauge market interest, THE KRAKEN may soon become a staple in the pantries of adventurous eaters and environmental advocates alike. Its creators invite consumers to purchase the product via their webshop and share their culinary experiences.

Should the market respond favorably, we might see THE KRAKEN making a permanent splash in the alternative meat sector later this year.

This release marks a tentacular leap forward in the quest for diverse and sustainable food sources, promising a future where the ocean's wonders can be savored without sacrifice.

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