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BREAKING: UPSIDE Foods & GOOD Meat Granted USDA Approval to Sell Cell-Cultured Meat

In a groundbreaking development, UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat have both now received official approval from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to produce and sell cell-cultured meat to consumers.

This landmark decision makes UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat the first companies in the US to be granted regulatory clearance for serving lab-grown meat directly to customers.

Both company websites announced the break through with front page graphics: UPSIDE Foods & GOOD Meat Granted USDA Approval to Sell Cell-Cultured Meat!

Good Meat website front page

Source: GOOD Meat

UPSIDE Foods web site front page

Source: UPSIDE Foods

The journey towards this historic moment began with UPSIDE Foods, which announced its initiation of the approval process last week and subsequently became the first company worldwide to achieve this remarkable milestone. Shortly thereafter, GOOD Meat also obtained USDA approval, positioning itself as the initial player in the global arena to attain this prestigious recognition.

This accomplishment ushers in a new era for the future of food. With the regulatory barriers now overcome, US consumers will become the second market in the world to gain access to cell-cultured meat, following Singapore's approval two years ago. Initially, the distribution is anticipated to be highly exclusive, with the products prominently featured on restaurant menus.

Source: UPSIDE Foods - Cell-Cultivated Chicken

In an effort to introduce their groundbreaking product, UPSIDE Foods has announced an enticing contest. Lucky winners will have the opportunity to sample the cell-cultured meat in San Francisco through a special partnership with renowned chef Dominique Crenn.

GOOD Meat cell cultured chicken already has approval for consumer sale in Singapore and earlier this year invited guests got a taste of the future at a 'sit-down' at Huber's Butchery.

Source: GOOD Meat - YouTube

However, for those hoping to find cell-cultured meat on store shelves will be disappoint. The retail launch of these innovative products is still a considerable distance away. Similar to the early strategy employed by Impossible Foods, restaurant debuts will serve as the primary means for consumers to experience and enjoy the new offering.

This development signifies a significant step towards a brighter future, benefiting both individuals and the environment. It opens doors to a sustainable and ethical food system that mitigates the impact on our planet and animals.

Now, the question remains: Will you be among the curious and adventurous individuals who dare to try this revolutionary meat alternative?




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