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Sign-Up For Veganuary - One Good Reason!

Editors story:

Are you one of the millions on the cusp of deep and personal awakening?

Now you have an opportunity to join hundreds-of-thousands of others world-wide this January and choose to become a vegan - a person who no longer eats animal flesh, along with attendant other profound choices.

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I became a vegan 20 something years ago initially for health reasons led by a deep sense of 'knowing' that animals deserve to live and not be part of my 'culinary escapades'.

Note: I came from a 'meat background' here in New Zealand where every inch of the cow was seen as a money making proposition and the front end of the cow was tougher to eat than the rear end or loin.

In due course I also became a Vegan - Plant-Based Chef, as my fascination with living this way grew and grew. I enquired about ways of preparing alternatives just as nutritionally high and continuing to provide key proteins and aminos allowing me to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Asian Fusion from RawVegan Meals

I also took on further study in the Integrative Nutrition area and for a short time practiced as a Certified Health Coach.

Several recipe books on RAW Vegan food emerged along with a publication about 'How To Live A Plant-Based Lifestyle Successfully' supporting a healthy gut function. I have also written a book which some describe as Sci-Fi but for me 'a truthful recant of the power of symbols and frequencies enabling healing to occur'.

So what was the 1-REASON I decided I didn't need to eat animal flesh ever again?

My quest for a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship with everything on Planet Earth led me to realise these animals are sentient beings. They have feelings and express emotions - they have a central nervous system - they have a right to experience life here just as I do. Soon I felt feelings of revulsion at the abhorrent way animals are seen as objects of food and PROFIT.


When my choice was made I felt a great peace, as if I had been doing something quite contray to the 'ways of nature'. My view of things on Earth began to change. I began to question everything and I mean everything. I could no longer 'just go with the flow' of 'how it is'. I fully got that this world functions solely by a series of 'consensual belief systems'. I could no longer 'agree' with this ways.

In time I shall share more and I am also open to receiving questions about how to 'manage' one's way into not eating animals any more. Know that what ever choice you make you will always get massive support from others who have come before you.

So this Veganuary sign up and contribute to perhaps one of the most empowering revolutions ever to hit the face of Planet Earth - it's great to not only belong to this community but also to know your every daily choice is making a very profound difference to Planet Earth and all who walk her face.

For further info connect with the Veganuary Team or drop me a line and I will do my best to answer your questions or queries.

It's full steam ahead for this revolution of a lifetime.

Scott Mathias is the Editor of PlanetFood.News, a vegan chef, author and Journalist in both Australia and New Zealand. He lives a comfortable life growing vegetables in NZ. Approaching 70 years old he is on NO MEDS!!



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