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Profiling Shannon Martinez - Of Smith & Daughters Melbourne Vegan Gem

Women Chefs have always had to fight for their rights in the kitchen.

Melbourne Vegan Chef Shannon Martinez is not only an accomplished woman Chef she is in our opinion one of Planet Earth's BEST.

Voted Best Victorian Vegan Restaurant in 2022 by Nourish magazine, awarded 'One Hat' in the Age Good Food Guide for '23 AND named '23 Restaurant Personality Of the Year in Australia's Gourmet Restaurant Awards, is no mean feat.

Shannon Martinez is achieving such accolades because she is not only putting her creative passion into amazing affect, she is also walking her talk and delivering some of the finest vegan food we have seen.

Images speak a thousand words and who would want a thousand portions of this delightful lineup?

So what is the drive and passion behind this vegan creative? Here's Shannon Martinez describing her humble ascent as a Vegan Woman Chef in a man's world.

Best viewed in enlarged viewer.

Melbournes sums Smith & Daughter up:

'A little poetic faith is required to fully embrace the ‘meat’. The mushroom, eggplant, dried tomato and olive mixture that mimics ‘Nduja on the pizze fritte is moreish, but missing the fiery hit of the spreadable pork salumi. The carpaccio arrives looking the part – squinting and low lighting help – with the soft, pink paper-thin ‘meat’ (points for taste but not so much for texture) crowned with lashings of parmesan, rivulets of bitey horseradish cream, fried capers adding mustardy tang, figs for sweetness, and a mountain of peppery rocket. Raw beef carpaccio this ain’t, but the parts work so well together that the fantasy holds up'.

In deed Shannon Martinez IS living her dream!

When next in Melbourne go beyond treating yourself and into a space of sublime vegan ecstasy. Reserve online to ensure seats for your party. SMITHANDDAUGHTERS.COM



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