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Good Health Farm's Tempeh 2.0 Hits Singapore's FairPrice Shelves

Singapore's appetite for innovative plant-based foods continues to grow, and Good Health Farm is the latest to sprout up in the city's flourishing plant-based food marketplace .

With their recent partnership with NTUC FairPrice, a Singapore supermarket chain, Good Health Farm had introduced a fresh take on a timeless classic: tempeh.

Good Health Farm Tempeh mince

Source: Good Health Farm

The traditional Indonesian food, known for its rich protein content and fermentation benefits, has been reinvented by Good Health Farm as 'Tempeh 2.0'.

Their new line features a mince mimicing texture and taste of regular meat crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients, bringing together age-old tradition and modern culinary innovation.

Why Singapore? It's not just a bustling hub of commerce and culture; it's becoming a hotbed for plant-based product testing. Good Health Farm's strategic move to partner with FairPrice after their digital success with Redmart underlines the island nation's emerging role as a taste-tester for the future of food.

Good Health Tempeh Mince and rice

Source: Good Health Farm

The launch of Tempeh 2.0 isn't just about bringing a new product to the shelves; it's a nod to health-conscious consumers and the planet alike. This product line is a testament to Good Health Farm's ethos to make eating well both easy and impactful, one delicious bite at a time.

Customers won't just find these tempeh treasures on the shelves; they'll experience them firsthand through an engaging in-store campaign. The promotion is set to include sampling events, consumer deals, and even culinary showcases by the Good Health's resident Chef, Forest Leong.

Forrest Leong

Source: Good Health Farm - Forest Leong

Behind Good Health Farm's innovation is a coalition of food industry experts from Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia, united by a vision of sustainable and healthful eating. With a century of combined experience, they've crafted a proprietary plant-based meat processing system not only easy on the wallet and the Earth but also rich in nutrition and flavour.

As Good Health Farm gets its 2.0 tempeh into Singapore's with the help of F&N Foods distribution network, it's clear the company's synonymous 'little red dot' is becoming a green beacon for the future of new food.

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