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Old Chestnut Challenged By The Humble & Nutritious Mushroom

In what's seen as a revolutionary step in the fund raising efforts of Australia's RSL (veterans) community, the traditional animal based meat tray is now be offered with a fully mushroom option.

As part of a campaign by the over-arching mushroom marketing authority - Australian Mushrooms - a tray featuring a variety of mushrooms can be selected by the non-meat eaters.

Sydney's, Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL teamed-up with Australian Mushrooms to launch a "flexitarian" version of the iconic plastic-wrapped prize.

Source: Australian Mushrooms

Some citing blasphemy and desecration of the Returned Services Leagues holy grail of fund raising while others welcome the innovation responding to changing times.

Staples like animal based snags, rissoles and chops, winners can now take home locally-grown portobello, button, flat and cup mushrooms when they flail their winners ticket high in the air over their pint of VB. (Victorian Bitter).

Source:Photo 6323796 © Shariff Che\' Lah | - Portobello Mushrooms

Australian Mushrooms said a poll of more than 1000 people showed nearly 30% of Australians would prefer to win an RSL meat tray than go surfing at Bondi Beach.

And 43 per cent of respondents said they wanted more variety in their meat trays - with 33 per cent pushing for a "flexitarian" of the classic raffle prize.

Australian Mushrooms is now looking to roll out the new trays nationwide, launching a toolkit to help RSLs create their own version, with local institutions in Queensland and Victoria taking up the call.

The Mushie Tray is born!!!

More info can be had at Australian Mushrooms.



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