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26Seasons Growing Strawberries 24/7 365 Freshness Asia Wide Next

Just when you thought New Zealand's weather is curtailing the strawberry growing season, think again. Foxton, based 26 Seasons is growing strawberries 24/7 365 days of the year.

Source: 26Seasons

Since its inception in 2017, 26Seasons has been supplying selected supermarkets throughout New Zealand. The integrated vertical growing operation under the watchful eye of Co-Founder and R & D Head, Matthew Keltie (pictured below) now sees Asia, as the next stage of its growth.

The company plans to start in South-East Asia, where there is a strong demand for premium strawberries throughout the year. Singapore, will be the base for a pilot operation with plans to establish a 100,000+ plant capacity indoor vertical farm. This expansion is particularly valuable in areas like South-East Asia, where high humidity makes outdoor strawberry cultivation challenging.

Matthew Keltie 26Seasons Founder

Source: 26Seasons - Matthew Keltie.

26Seasons, Co-Founders Steven Carden and Matthew Keltie, like other global operators started with micro-greens in a garage in the nation's capital, Wellington. They have now expanded to include an indoor vertical farm in Auckland and their flagship strawberry farm and research centre in Foxton, north of Wellington.

The company's state-of-the-art facility creates a meticulously controlled environment that mimics ideal growing conditions. This advanced technology enables 26Seasons to cultivate delicious, spray-free strawberries tasting as if they were freshly picked from your own garden.

26Seasons supersweet strawberries

Source: 26Seasons

One of the most revolutionary aspects of this farming method is its lighter environmental footprint compared to traditional practices. The indoor farm recycles water throughout the facility, using only a fraction (95 percent less) compared to outdoor farms.

By combining natural methods with modern technology, bees are used for pollination, and the absence of soil eliminates the risk of nutrient leaching. 26Seasons ensures their strawberries remain on the vine until they are fully ripened, guaranteeing peak freshness when sold.

With their commitment to sustainable farming and innovative practices, 26Seasons is reshaping the way fresh produce is grown and consumed, offering a solution to year-round food availability while minimising environmental impact.

Roll-on Asia and the rest of the world!

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