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Meatable Achieves "Cell to Sausage" Milestone in Record Four Days

In an exciting breakthrough for the cultivated meat industry, Dutch based Meatable has announced it can now turn cells into sausage in an astonishing four days, halving their already industry-leading process time.

Source: Meatable

This development marks a significant leap towards sustainable meat production, capable of satisfying global appetites without the environmental impact of traditional farming.

"We're not just speeding up the process; we're revolutionising the way we think about meat production. Our ability to go from cell to sausage in just four days represents a huge leap towards our goal of bringing ethical, sustainable, and delicious meat to the world without compromising on quality or taste," Daan Luining, Co-founder and CTO of Meatable.

Source: Meatable

This development follows a successful tasting event in Singapore late last year, where press and partners sampled Meatable's cultivated meat, marking a pivotal step towards consumer acceptance of lab-grown proteins. Coupled with a substantial USD 35 million funding boost, Meatable is well-positioned for scaling up and commercialisation efforts.

With the accelerated production process and recent financial injection, Meatable is on track for its anticipated launch in the Singaporean market 'sometime' this year. The U.S. and other markets are expected to follow, as the company aims to redefine meat consumption globally.

Meatable's advancements will not only change the way we produce and consume meat but also significantly impact our ecological footprint, making a future of guilt-free meat consumption a nearing reality.

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