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Korma Pie Secures Supreme Victory In New Zealand Vegan Pie Awards

The winners of the sixth New Zealand Vegan Pie Awards have been found.

The pie stealing the limelight is a Vegan Korma pie crafted by New Plymouth's Piccolo Morso Bakery, which was unanimously crowned the Supreme Winner, along with a cash prize of $1000.

Source: Piccolo Morso Bakery

Piccolo Morso bakery and gelato lounge is owned by Kamal Singh and Julia Kaur and the same pie also won the vegetable category.

The judges described it as a classical vegetable pie, with a beautiful crust, punchy flavour and well-balanced seasoning.

Piccolo Morso's mango, mint and rhubarb pie with an almond crust was named the sweet category pie winner.

Source: Piccolo Morso'sr Bakery

The ever-growing demand for vegan pies has spurred Kiwi bakers to rise to the occasion, with a fresh wave of contenders competiting this year.

This years competition was sponsored by food service wholesaler,Gilmore , Grain Corp, and The Coffee Club.

Claire Insley from the NZ Vegan Society says vegan pies have successfully transcended the divide between vegans and non-vegans, confirming their status as a quintessential Kiwi morsel.

'This year's winners demonstrated an exceptional flair for innovation through their tantalising flavour combinations, proving vegan pie evolution continues to gather momentum'

The panel of judges, included Master Baker and Lifetime Contributor to the Pie Awards, Jason Hay. He was joined by Jasbir Kaur, award-winning executive chef, trainer, a seasoned award judge and President of the NZ Chef Association Auckland. The third judge was cookbook author, Kelsi Boocock, renowned for her no-fuss plant-based recipes. Completing the lineup was Dharam Shah, Operations Manager at Sudima Hotels.

Vegan Pie Judges

Source: NZ Vegan Society 'The Judges'

As the love affair with pies continues unabated, these awards serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment of New Zealand's bakers in creating pies truly capturing the hearts and taste buds of the Kiwis.

For a full list of category winners CLICK HERE



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