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AiLO Logistics Boosts Green Efforts with 100 New Hydrogen Trucks from Nikola for LA Port

In a significant move towards greener logistics, LA Port based, AiLO Logistics has expanded its fleet by placing an order for 100 Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), scheduled for delivery in 2025. This order marks a notable increase from their initial purchase of 50 hydrogen trucks with deliveries already underway this year.

NIKOLA Hydrogen truck

Source: NIKOLA Motor Company

Headquartered in the bustling Port of Los Angeles, AiLO Logistics has emerged as a leader in sustainable transportation solutions. The company's bold stride in doubling its Nikola FCEV orders demonstrates a robust commitment to reducing carbon emissions and enhancing eco-friendly operations in one of the nation’s busiest ports. The Port of LA handles between 8-10 million containers annually.

Jack Khudikyan, CEO of AiLO, reconfirmed the company's mission, stating, "We’re not just in the business of moving goods; we’re in the business of moving businesses forward. Through innovation, technology, and sustainable practices, we aim to redefine the logistics landscape and drive positive change in the industry."

The incorporation of Nikola's hydrogen trucks is a pivotal part of AiLO’s strategy to meet the growing demands for environmentally responsible logistics. These trucks are expected to play a crucial role in AiLO's operations, contributing significantly to the company’s green initiatives.

NIKOLA Hydrogen Truck

Source: AiLO

Nikola Corporation, known for its innovation in zero-emissions transportation, has expressed pride in the repeat business from AiLO.

Ryan Clayton, Global Head of Sales at Nikola, says, "Having a prominent and mission-driven customer like AiLO not only purchase trucks for 2024 but double their order for 2025 is an honor for our organization and a testament to their drive to make a difference."

This partnership reflects a shared vision for a sustainable future in the logistics industry, showcasing significant advancements in transportation technology that could set new standards for emissions reduction at major ports across the United States.

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