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Magic Valley's Cultivated Pork & Lamb Win Big in Chef Taste Test

Andrew Laslett and Matthew Maslak

At a time protein based food is meeting head-on with sustainability, Melbourne based, Magic Valley's cultivated pork and lamb products have registered a significant impression.

Chef and Operations Manager at Melbourne's Borthwick Foods, Matthew Maslak, seen left with Andrew Laslett, Head of Research & Development at Magic Valley, has provided a glowing thumbs-up endorsement of both the lamb and pork products. Matthew praising not only their taste but their remarkable similarity to traditional meats derived from slaughtered animals.

"The mouthfeel, the look, the texture, it was all there," Matthew Maslak shared on Magic Valley's latest podcast., recounting his experience with their cultivated pork. "I cut mine open and it was everything I would expect and more from pork." His praise extended to the cultivated lamb as well, noting its authentic taste and the presence of fat, hallmarks of traditional lamb. "It was real. This isn’t something over-processed with a heap of e-numbers. It's something real that you’ve created," he added.

Magic Valley - Cultivated Pork Dumplings

Source: Magic Valley - Cultivated Pork Dumplings and Bao Buns (below)

Magic Valley - Cultivated Pork Bao Buns

Maslak proposed a creative challenge to demonstrate the quality of Magic Valley's products, suggesting a blind taste test involving ten chefs. He believes that if these culinary experts were asked to distinguish between traditional and Magic Valley's cultivated meats, almost all would struggle to identify which was which. "I'm 95% certain that 95% of them wouldn't even realize they're tasting cultivated meat," he stated confidently, highlighting an anticipated widespread acceptance within the culinary community.

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Paul Bevan, CEO and founder of Melbourne-based Magic Valley, echoed Maslak’s enthusiasm in the video. "Chef Matthew Maslak's insights validate the hard work our team has put into these products," Paul Bevan said. "His review confirms the versatility and gourmet quality of our sustainable meat options, proving that environmental responsibility can coexist with culinary excellence."

As global food industries continue to evolve, Magic Valley's cultivated meats are becoming better understood, promising a future where quality cultivated protein and 'Earth Friendliness' go hand in hand.

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