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At 300 Euros a Kilo, Cherries Glamour Unveils the World’s Priciest EU March-Harvested Cherries

Spanish cherry producer Cherries Glamour S.L., is disrupting traditional seasonal expectations by marketing the world's most expensive cherries at 300 euros per kilo. It began its campaign in Europe, on March 20, positioning itself as an industry leader by supplying cherries in March. The feat not before achieved is likened to enjoying oranges in the European August or grapes in April, traditionally seen as unattainable luxuries.

Cherries Glamour S.L.,

Originating from Spain, the largest producer of sweet cherries in Europe, Cherries Glamour's innovation bridges a critical "productive window" between the hemispheres' seasons. With Spain's cherry season kicking off in April and concluding in August, and the Southern Hemisphere's (New Zealand and Australian) from November to February, Cherries Glamour exploits a unique niche by offering cherries when none are available globally, ensuring their product's exclusivity and demand.

This breakthrough was not without challenges. Lérida, the company's Spanish base, faces harsh winter temperatures inhospitable to cherry cultivation. The solution? An intricate system of greenhouses and meticulous climate control, honed by more than 20-years of research, experimentation, and substantial investment. These methods allow Cherries Glamour to advance cherry production, ensuring their cherries are the first and only ones available in March anywhere in the world.

Source: Cherries Glamour S.L., Slider of cherry growing in Spain

This exclusivity extends to their clientele and distribution, with Cherries Glamour's cherries finding their way into prestigious establishments like Harrods in London and Lafayette Galleries in Paris, and being enjoyed by celebrities such as Jacques Chirac and Giorgio Armani. Despite their luxurious status, the company maintains a robust export operation, with up to 90% of their production reaching markets outside Spain, primarily in Europe and Asia, despite global market instabilities.

 Cherries Glamour S.L.,

The exclusivity, taste, and appearance of Cherries Glamour's produce without doubt, define it as a luxury consumer fruit. With advanced preservation and transport techniques, these cherries not only surpass conventional freshness standards but also navigate the logistical challenges of reaching international markets, ensuring they are the only cherries available in Europe during the month of March.

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