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Earth Hacks

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Defintion: "a hack" = a clever and effective solution or shortcut that simplifies processes, improves efficiency, or enhances results. These hacks are typically easy to implement and aim to optimise everyday tasks in cooking, energy usage, or environmental sustainability

Mushroom Leather Enables Personal Plant Power..Up Hill & Down Dale!

In a bold stride toward becoming 'Earth Friendly, major and not so major sportswear brands are harnessing the natural given potential of mushroom leather, derived from mushroom mycelium, to eco-engineer athletic footwear.

Earth Hack
5-Good Reasons Why Plant-Based Food Would Help ADHD Or Autism Experiencers

There is growing scientific and medical evidence, a plant-based diet can promote multiple benefits for people experiencing ADHD, Autism or other neuro-divergence.

Earth Hack
Easy & Simple 7-Day Meal Plan To Guide You Through Your Week 

Easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacking recipes using inexpensive fresh & whole-food ingredients for good health & weight loss.

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Earth Hack
AiLO Logistics Boosts Green Efforts with 100 New Hydrogen Trucks from Nikola for LA Port

In a significant move towards greener logistics, AiLO Logistics has expanded its fleet by placing an order for 100 Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), scheduled for delivery in 2025. This order marks a notable increase from their initial purchase of 50 FCEVs, with deliveries already underway this year.

Earth Hack
5-Key Intentions You Can Share With Your Body To Support Good Health 

Many times we do not have immediate answers for a chronic health problem and by the time it gets too bad most likely have enlisted the support of a GP


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