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Planet Food Solutions

Planet Food Solutions - PFS Trading Hub


PlanetFood Solutions is a pioneering global plant-based food solutions hub, operating at the intersection of Sri Lanka and New Zealand. We collaborate with manufacturers globally, connecting superior products with discerning customers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between markets, manufacturers and farmers, leveraging our expertise to identify and promote innovative plant-based products suitable for diverse market needs free of the pressures of commoditisation. We are also behind the development of the global Plant Based marketing and sales hub PFSTrading Hub


Our Expertise

At PlanetFood Solutions, we specialise in coconut-based and 'green protein' products, encompassing a range of offerings such as milk, cream, water, and various grades of coconut oil. Our specialisation beyond coconut products encompasses a broad array of plant-based products, including non-dairy alternatives such as butter, ice cream, yogurt, plant-based meat alternatives, plant-based bakery products and unique fruit and vegetable products tailored to meet the evolving demands of today's consumers. We also have a burgeoning natural liquid fertiliser and slug and snail eradication product portfolio designed for both consumer and industrial use.

Key Services

1. Product Identification and Placement

We excel at identifying existing and novel plant-based products aligning with local market preferences. Our expertise allows us to match products to their ideal consumers, facilitating a seamless placement process for manufacturers and creating meaningful connections in the market.

2. Market Research and Trend Analysis

PlanetFood Solutions stays ahead of market trends and emerging consumer preferences. We provide valuable insights to our clients, enabling them to adapt their strategies and product offerings to align with evolving market dynamics effectively.

3. Sustainability and Fair Trade

We are dedicated to upholding sustainability and fair trade practices. Our commitment to preserving our planet underpins all our operations, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.



Nadeeka Kumarihami, Consultant






Nadeeka Kumarihami brings a wealth of experience from her role as the Managing Director of Trumps Digital Ventures in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her expertise lies in product and brand development, providing invaluable insights into effective market positioning and a lengthy list of influential contacts.

                       Scott Mathias, Consultant & Plant-Based Visionary






Scott Mathias is a multi-talented plant-based chef, business consultant, and media expert with a remarkable forty-year track record. He offers profound knowledge in culinary arts, as a chef and author, food service operations, and product and brand development, making him a driving force behind our strategic growth and market success. Scott also maintains the role of Editor in Chief of, a global plant-based, 3D bio-printed and cultivated meat news service attracting thousands of monthly views. Scott also headed up the Convergent technology team of the former Arthur Andersen Australia consulting company. Scott's talent is placing people with products and supporting the expansion of the plant-based product market place. He is also the instigator of a soon-to-be-released PFSTrading Hub.


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