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Will Scandi BK Pop-Up More PB Pop-Ups ? Customers Say YES!

Scandi demand for PB burgers growing!! In collaboration with Burger King Scandinavia, The Vegetarian Butcher launches three new plant-based pop-up stores in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen! Customers want more....

Source: The Vegetarian Butcher

'Good things come in threes, that much is clear 🍔' says the VB about the BK initiative to pop plant-based burgers into the high street's of these three major Scandi populations centres in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Source: The Vegetarian Butcher

With these new crown jewels, Burger King welcomes the 10th, 11th and 12th plant-based pop-up store powered by The Vegetarian Butcher's plant-based meat, seen as big milestone in the supply alliance formed by these two companies.

Source: The Vegetarian Butcher

Burger King will offer new recipes for plant-based burgers, in collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher; there will be meat-free versions of the classics on the menu, such as Plant-based Cheeseburger and Plant-based Royale.

At the same time, the menu is also being developed with new varieties of plant-based burgers* such as a Plant-based BBQ Whopper and the current promotional burger Chili Mayo Lover now with a plant-based burger.

Source: The Vegetarian Butcher

Hugo Verkuil, CEO of The Vegetarian Butcher says the expansion of the range at Burger King is designed for guests who are actively looking for more vegetarian products.

'We are happy and proud, together with Burger King, we have created plant-based products that prove that you can have it all without compromise'. says Hugo Verkuil.

At the same time a BK branch in Copenhagen has removed all animal meat based products from its burger menu for a month. The Radhuspladsen location received a head to toe clean down to remove any animal contaminants from the facility. BKScandi says much of the retail innovation is being driven by customer demand for PB based food items.

From the launch of the first Scandi BK plant-based Whopper, to plant-based stores popping up across the globe – amazing things can happen in just 3.5 years.



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