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Verdure à la Victoire - Paris 2024 Olympics Embraces Plant-Powered Menus

The Paris 2024 Olympics is set to serve 60% plant-based 'Earth Friendly' meals, a decision aligning with France's goal to reduce its carbon footprint significantly.

Catering company Sodexo Live! has developed over 500 plant-powered recipes for the event, with 120 daily specials including a third as vegetarian options. This initiative marks a monumental shift in a country traditionally known for its meat-centric culinary preferences.

This decision reflects a broader commitment to sustainability, aiming to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the Games by 50%​.

SODEXO Chefs at work

Source: Sodexo France

Sodexo Live! has developed a diverse culinary experience for the attendees, creating a global dining atmosphere with four culinary worlds: France, Asia, Africa-Caribbeans, and global cuisine. The Olympic and Paralympic Village will feature what's being called the "largest restaurant in the world," capable of serving 15,000 international athletes daily​.

This push towards plant-based offerings isn't just about environmental responsibility but also about culinary innovation. The introduction of a fully vegetarian menu for the public at Place de la Concorde, is a bold move in a country traditionally known for its meat-heavy diet. This initiative at such a high-profile event is indicative of a shift in French culinary practices, aiming to align more closely with global sustainability trends​.

Additionally, local sourcing is a significant component of this initiative, with 80% of all dishes being made from locally sourced ingredients, reducing food miles and supporting local agriculture​​. The inclusion of a plant-based meat substitute company, Garden Gourmet, further emphasizes the move towards a more sustainable and inclusive menu, offering meat-free burgers, falafels, and more, which will be available to athletes, spectators, and staff​.

Source: Garden Gourmet - Slide showing a selection of plant-based dishes Sodexo will use at the 2024 Olympics

Overall, the Paris 2024 Olympics represents a significant step in changing dietary habits and promoting a more sustainable and responsible way of eating, not just for France but potentially setting a precedent for future global events.

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