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US Army Takes a Giant Leap in Nutrition with Impossible Foods Partnership

In a move heralding a new era in military nutrition, the US Army Central will introduce Impossible Foods products to its troops stationed in North Africa, Persian Gulf, Middle East, and Southwest Asia. This significant partnership will allow soldiers to enjoy plant-based Impossible Foods Burgers, known for their nutrient-dense profile, offering high-quality protein, fiber, and iron without any cholesterol.

Peter McGuinness, CEO of Impossible Foods, is hailing this partnership as a "very proud moment" for the company, emphasising its significance as a "big step forward in the market proliferation of plant-based food." McGuinness' statement underscores the mutual benefits of this collaboration, both in terms of enhancing military nutrition and advancing the acceptance of plant-based diets.

Impossible Plant-based Burger

Source: Impossible Foods

This initiative is part of the Army's broader commitment to improving nutrition and wellness among its ranks. The modernization of warrior restaurants across Army bases, as outlined by Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston, includes replacing deep-fat fryers with air fryers and introducing healthier, made-to-order menu options like vegetable stir fry and fruit smoothie bars​. These efforts aim to enhance the physical and cognitive performance of soldiers by providing safe, high-quality foods, emphasising the crucial role of nutrition in the overall readiness and well-being of military personnel​.

Soldiers eating food

The adoption of plant-based options by the Army marks a pivotal shift in addressing the nutritional needs of soldiers, reflecting a broader trend towards preventive health care. This approach not only supports soldiers' physical health but also promotes environmental sustainability.

By integrating Impossible Foods into their diet, soldiers have a new avenue to maintain their health and readiness, backed by the nutritional science that emphasizes the importance of balanced meals and intuitive eating. These developments signify a holistic approach to health and fitness within the military, ensuring that soldiers are not only prepared for the physical demands of their service but are also supported in their overall health and well-being.

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