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The Enchanting Eat Differently Campaign Premieres with Wonka

Get ready to be swept away by a rather whimsical but 'thought provoking' journey towards an enitrely enlightened animal free relationship with the food you take into your body.,

James Cromwell photo credit: Benjamin Apitz

Source: Eat Differently -James Cromwell photo credit: Benjamin Apitz

Just unveiled is 'Eat Differently', a captivating 60-second PSA - Public Service Announcement about to make big waves on US silver screens, coinciding with the much-anticipated WONKA holiday movie premiere. (see Eat Differently's other amazing creative stunt above the skies of New York earlier this year HERE )

This enchanting campaign, running from December 14th through 24th, will charm moviegoers on 1,800 screens throughout the US, delivering a powerful message about the magic of plant-based eating. It's expected to reach more than 1.2 million sets of eyeballs.

Directed by celebrated BAFTA award-winner, Alex Lockwood, 'Eat Differently' is not just a PSA/commercial, it's a visual feast aligning seamlessly with Wonka's central theme – that each of us, regardless of our size, harbours the ability to dream and reshape the world. In this whimsical narrative, Lockwood masterfully encourages audiences to explore a world where plants, not animals, are at the heart of our diets.

With 'Eat Differently', it's not just possible; it's a delightful adventure. Experience this captivating work during the Wonka film pre-show and join thousands of others in this transformative journey towards a kinder, animal food-free world.

Remember, in the world of dreams and plant-based possibilities, there's nothing to it!

Not State-side, then catch 'Eat Differently's' final 2023 contribution to raising awareness about eating with heart by CLICKING BELOW!

For more information on the work of Eat Differently CLICK HERE


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