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La Vie's Jambon Ham Defies French Plant-Based Critics - 'Vive La Révolution !!

In the true spirit of La Révolution française, La Vie, the plant-based food company, is taking a direct shot at the beloved classic, "jambon beurre."

While the market for plant-based deli meats has been burgeoning in Europe and the US, a truly authentic European-style vegan ham has remained a rather elusive conquest, until now.

Tres large jambon beurre

Source; Le Vie - Plant-Based Jambon Ham

La Vie now hopes to seize the crown with its latest product, available in two enticing flavours: regular and smoked, both featuring a minimalist ingredient list anchored by 90% pea protein. Supplementary ingredients include soy protein, natural flavorings, radish juice concentrate, salt, potassium acetate (an acidity regulator), and vegan lactic acid. For added depth, a smoky flavouring graces the smoked variant.

La Vie's plant-based ham truly revolutionises the French culinary landscape, enabling vegans and conscientious eaters to indulge in the nation's favourite sandwich. It's estimated that over 1.2 billion "jambon beurre" sandwiches are devoured annually in France.

What sets this vegan alternative apart from its traditional pork counterpart is its nitrite-free composition, a significant health-conscious choice, given the World Health Organisations cancer-related concerns regarding nitrites. Moreover, from a nutritional standpoint, La Vie's creation stands tall, boasting 19.5g of protein and a mere 0.7 grams of saturated fat per serving, in stark contrast to the 21g of protein and 1g of saturated fat found in the leading conventional ham in the country.

Source: La Vie 'jambon ham' uses

The vegan ham has just hit the French market, with La Vie monitoring feedback across social media and review platforms. Thus far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with shoppers praising the uncanny texture and taste. Many celebrate the newfound ability to recreate traditional French dishes that call for "ham," all in a guilt-free and ethically aware manner.

La Vie's vegan jambon ham could well become a staple for those French looking to reduce their meat consumption and participate in a growing movement toward more sustainable and health-conscious eating choices.

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