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Great New 'Sushi Nigiri' From Bali's, Seeds Of Life, Ubud

Raw Vegan Chef and health and well being entrepreneur, Ben Richards is pulling out all stops to get a new range of RV sushi onto his popular Seeds of Life Cafe menu in Ubud, Bali.

Located in one of the 'nicest regions of Asia', Ben has access to a vast array of fresh and raw plant-based ingredients.

Ben says he is still working to perfect his new menu offering but we thought it was opportune to reveal the prototype outcomes.

'We are not through the development stage yet...still playing around with it', says Ben Richards.

So far he has created:

  • Unagi Smoked Eel

  • Tonkatsu Oyster Mushroom

  • Smoked Papaya Salmon

  • Aloe Vera Sashimi

  • Watermelon Sashimi

  • Fresh Papaya Sashimi

Source: Seeds Of Life

'I think we need to do less rice (made from jicama, psyllium husk and Japanese rice vinegar - good for your colon) and tweak out our seaweed caviar (known in Balinese as Bulung Boni) salad a little more', says Ben Richards

'We are obviously inspired by Japanese cuisine but I think about how yummy watermelon is dehydrated and how to make it like sashimi. The cafe team just loves working with other cuisine from diverse cultures'.

Source: Seeds of Life

The popular 100% raw vegan restaurant has a global following and is renowned for its use of high quality ingredients. It also boasts a taoist tonic bar, along with raw chef certification as well as ashtanga yoga daily and detox/fasting trainings.

Source: Seeds Of Life

Check out The Seeds Of Life Cafe on Instagram and go DIRECT to their website for more information on their beautiful raw vegan menu along with food classes offered year round.

Meantime we await announcement for when his Nigiri range 'goes live' on his menu.

EMAIL The Seeds of Life. for table and class reservations.



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