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Could A 3D Steak Become De Rigueur For Dining Out?

The technology to produce 3D-printed meat products using animal cells suspended in bio-ink is in an advanced development state and testing. While it is still in the early stages, some companies have already produced prototypes of 3D-printed meat products getting interesting feedback.

One such company is Steakholder Foods and its CEO Arik Kaufman says development is proceeding to the point now where they have separated the cells into muscle and fat and literally printing steaks to order in their lab.

Here's what CNET had to report on Steakholder's technological advances and where the industry is headed.

The potential benefits of 3D-printed meat products include reducing the environmental impact of meat production, reducing animal suffering, and creating meat products that are more sustainable and ethical.

Israel's Redefine Meat is already sharing its plant-based 3D printed meat with the public as their presence at mostly European food trade shows grows.

Will 3-D cell-based steaks be coming to a supermarket near you tomorrow?

Regrettably not. There are still challenges needed to be overcome before 3D-printed cell-meat products can become mainstream. One of the challenges is scaling up production to make the process cost-effective and efficient.

Another challenge is ensuring the taste, texture, and nutritional value are comparable to traditional meat products. Government certification is also needed too which will enable companies to scale up to meet the projected demand whereas 3-D-printed plant-based products are not subjected to the same regulations.

At this stage, the old adage of 'if it looks, feels and tastes like a steak then it must be a steak' is starting to become a reality.

Redefine is already getting its plant-based products into food service outlets focusing on top-end 'white table' patrons to help it get its message across to the world its technology WILL become the norm.

Source: Redefine Meat

Redefine's whole tenderloin of 3D-Printed meat is attracting a lot of attention as its technology is being refined weekly to exactly mimic whole cuts of animal meat.

It is also starting to scale up its supermarket range of plant-based meat lines - a real jump on its cultivated cell meat counterparts.

Est-ce que je pourrais commander un filet de bœuf imprimé en 3D, s'il vous plaît?

May I order a 3D-Printed tenderloin of steak please?

We will look back 5 years from now in amazement at the fortitude and brilliance of these modern-day food tech pilots.

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