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Health & Wellbeing

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Personal & Planetary Health Is The Cornerstone Of Plant-Based Meat, Alt.Meats, Mushroom Protein & 3D Meat Printing

5-Good Reasons Why Plant-Based Food Would Help ADHD Or Autism Experiencers

There is growing scientific and medical evidence, a plant-based diet can promote multiple benefits for people experiencing ADHD, Autism or other neuro-divergence.

Easy & Simple 7-Day Meal Plan To Guide You Through Your Week 

Easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacking recipes using inexpensive fresh & whole-food ingredients for good health & weight loss.

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5-Key Intentions You Can Share With Your Body To Support Good Health 

Many times we do not have immediate answers for a chronic health problem and by the time it gets too bad most likely have enlisted the support of a GP


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